secondary school 6-7-8


May 7 (CARDS 4 and 5)
CARD 4 The United Kingdom-geography and power

CARD 5 England- parts and places

CARD 2 Endangered animals 

CARD 3 Environmental Problems

dear friends! we are sitting for the magic day-May, 22nd
Here is the revision rubric, starting with Card 1
CARD 1 Climate


September 25 
Keeping pets (introduction)
     Nowadays keeping pets has become  a popular hobby and activity really. Different people get different animals at home. Generally, people keep cats, dogs, fish, parrots, hamsters as pets.  Some people like mice and mini-pigs, white rats and polecats, they keep their favourites in small cages, feed and clean them regularly. There are people who enjoy keeping exotic creatures, like crocodiles, lizards, tigers, snakes. You see, tastes differ.
 But I believe, exotic animals are rather dangerous, especially when they live in houses. They are wild and strong, with sharp teeth and strong paws. Wild creatures like freedom, they seldom make friend with humans. Besides, they need natural surroundings to feel safe and comfortable.
  In the country people keep domestic animals on the farm, such as: cows and  horses, pigs and hens, turkeys and  ducks. It’s not easy to take care of them. The animals need food and clear water, fresh air and comfortable shelters.

September 13   CARD 15- point 3

Here’s a model how to speak about
weather forecast  and  its importance for people of different professions
I believe, the job of a weatherman is really important and necessary nowadays. A lot of people depend on the weather  and want to know what it will soon be. For example, farmers grow plants and crops and can lose their harvest because of  rain or frost.  Pilots drive planes, and it can be dangerous in nasty weather. Sailors go to the sea and can get into trouble when the wind rises. Geologists explore the world and can get wet through when they are caught in a rainstorm without coats. Travellers visit distant lands and need the correct clothes for different weather.
     So, you see, we all depend on the weather and need forecasts daily. There are people who are collecting information from ships, planes, weather stations and space stations all day and night. They are weathermen, they forecast the weather and tell us the temperature with the help of this information. When the barometer shows high pressure, the day will be calm. When it shows low pressure, we look out for rain or a strong wind.

Sometimes the weather forecast is not right because the weather is rather changeable and it is difficult to predict it correctly.
September 9 


May 3d 
Grade 8     Exam Cards
Topic 1 The World of Professions
1. The world of professions is enormous and various, isn’t it?
2. What are the most important and popular jobs, to your mind?
3. What prospects can jobs offer? What jobs attract you personally?
Topic 2 Choosing a Career
1. Why is it difficult to choose a future profession and a career? Express your opinion.
2. What jobs do young people choose nowadays, and why?
3. Who can influence the choice of a future career?
Topic 3 Professions and Personal Character
1. What are the most prestigious occupations nowadays?
2. What qualities do they require?
3. What job would you like to take? Do you have the necessary traits for it?
Topic 4 Jobs can be attractive…
1. The world of jobs is really enormous. What occupations attract you most, and why?
2. What professions are necessary today, at the age of technology?
3. What traits of character do different jobs require?
Topic 5 Education in Britain
1. When do children start their education in Britain? What kind of school do they go first?
2. What subjects do they have in primary schools?
3. How long does the secondary education last?
Topic 6 Schools in Britain
1. What types of school exist in Britain? What subjects do they offer?
2. Are there any exams in British schools?
3. Schools in Britain and Russia differ a lot, don’t they?
Topic 7 Your School (education and pastime)
1. What school do you study in? Is it a big school? Is it state or independent?
2. What subjects are taught in your school?
3. What are the extra-curriculum activities for pupils of different ages?

Topic 8 The School You Study In (description)
1. What is your school like? Is it a spacy building? Are there any sports grounds?
2. Is your school well-equipped? Is there a library and a canteen? Are there computer classes, too?
3. Where do pupils spend their time after classes? Are any clubs organized to satisfy different interests?
Topic 9 The School You Study (the academic opportunities)
1. What type of school do you study in? Is it state or independent? Is there any fee for education?
2. What is the atmosphere like? Is it based on a strict discipline? Do you need to wear a school uniform?
3. What things about your school do you like/dislike? Would you like to change anything?
Topic 10 School Uniform
1. Wearing a school uniform is really a point of discussion, isn’t it?  Opinions differ. What do you personally think?
2. They say, the school uniform disciplines and makes pupils concentrated. Do you agree?
3. Wearing a uniform doesn’t allow to express the individuality. Can you prove it?
Topic 11 In the World of Money
1. They say, money makes the world go round.  What does money mean for people, in your opinion?
2. How did money appear? What equivalents of paper money did people use?
3. Do you save or spend money?
Topic 12 People and Money
1. Who invented money? What did people use instead of money long ago?
2. What do people spend money on nowadays?
3. People believe, money is the root of all evil. Do you agree?
Topic 13 Shops and Shopping 
1. They say, shops are ideal places to spend money. Do you agree?
2. Who goes shopping in your family? How often do you go shopping?  What kinds of shops do you visit?
3. Did you choose a supermarket or a small corner shop on your last shopping day?
Topic 14 Shops and Customers
1. How often do people do the shopping, in your opinion? Is it easy to do the shopping?
2. What types of shops do people visit? What sorts of goods do they buy?
3. What service do shops offer for their customers?
Topic 15 The World of Shopping
1. What types of shops are there in your city? Which of them do you prefer? Why?
2. Why do people of different ages go shopping? Why do they go to different shops?
3. What service do different shops offer for their customers?
Topic 16 The Age of Science and Technology
1. What names do people call the century we live in?
2. What role does science play in human life? What do scientists do?
3. What branches of science do you know?
Topic 17 The World of Science and Technological Progress
1. Science plays a special role in social life, doesn’t it? What do scientists do?
2. What discoveries and inventions are the historical breakthrough, in your opinion?
3. Which of these discoveries and inventions was the most important for the mankind? Explain your choice.
Topic 18 Scientific Discoveries and Inventions
1. What scientific discoveries and inventions have changed the human world?
2. Can you name the outstanding Russian inventors?
3. What great scientific inventions can you describe? How did they change human life?
Topic 19 Virtual Reality: Pros and Cons
1. What does the phrase ‘virtual reality’ mean?
2. What’s good in using virtual reality? How can it support people of different occupations?
3. Can virtual reality technologies be dangerous for people?
Topic 20  The Advantages and Disadvantages of VR
1. What does ‘virtual reality’ mean? How can it be created?
2. People of what occupations can use VR in their jobs?
3. Why is VR dangerous in many ways? What do psychologists say?
Topic 21 The World of Travelling
1. Why do people travel? Are the reasons different?
2. What are the most popular means of travelling? Do you prefer travelling by land or by air? Why?
3. Are there any rules for travelers? What are they?
Topic 22 Travelling 
1. Do you like travelling?  Have you travelled to many places?
2. What makes a pleasant journey?
3. Have you ever gone on a voyage? What’s good in travelling by sea?
Topic 22 Traveller’s Code of Conduct
1. Are there any rules for a traveller? What is a traveller’s etiquette?
2. Do you know how to make your journey pleasant? What should you know about money, clothes and luggage  in a trip?
3. Do you need to learn foreign languages for travelling?
Topic 23 Mass Media
1. What does the phrase ‘mass media’ mean?
2. What is the most popular source of information: Radio, TV, Press or…?
3. What kind of papers do different people read? Do you, personally read newspapers?
Topic 24 Mass Media and Press
1. Do people need newspapers? What for?
2. How do newspapers treat the news? (two different ways)
3. Why do readers in Britain buy Sunday papers?
Topic 25 Mass Media in Russia and Britain
1. Mass media are used by people of different ages and interests, aren’t  they?
2. Which source of information is popular with teens now?
3. What is good in using TV and the Internet?
Topic 26 The Region We Live In 
1. What is the geographical position of your region? Is it profitable ?
2. Is this land rich in mineral resources?  Name some of the most important.
3. What are the natural wonders of your region? (rivers, mountains, forests-the wildlife)

Topic 27 The Land of Talented People
1. Siberia has always been the land of inspiration for many talented people. Do you agree?
2. What Russian poets and writers started their literary career in our region?
3. Have you ever watched Evgeny Grishkovets  performing on the stage? What are your impressions?

Topic 28 The City I live
1. What city do you live in? Describe its geographical position and character.
2. Is the history of the city rich in events? Name some of the most important.
3. What is your favourite place in the city?

Topic 29 The Cultural Life of the Region
1. What theatres, museums and art exhibitions are there in your city (region)?
2. How do mass media report the cultural news? (Name editions, magazines)
3. Have you ever visited the local arts museums? What’s your impression?


March 20   Complete the text, enlarge it....

Canada and Russia compared
1. They say, it's a small world, and I agree. If you look at the world's  map, you'll surely see a lot  countries, which are quite different and unique in their own ways.
In fact, Canada is a far-away country, it is situated in the Western Hemisphere, while Russia occupies a vast territory in the Eastern Hemisphere. Still, these countries have much in common…..
2. Canada is the world's second largest country after Russia, it is really wide and has got six time zones, just like Russia…..
Both Russia and Canada have a moderate climate, when in the north winters are long and frosty, and summers are cool and often rainy. Winds bring a lot of rain from the oceans….
Russia is washed by seas and oceans, so is Canada, which borders on the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson Bay….
3. Three quarters of Canada's population .....metropolitan ....dual cultural ....
In this country, people inhabit industrial areas, too. There are also provinces and territories with their own capital cities…..
Both capitals, Moscow and Ottawa are the largest cities of the country.
4. I daresay,  both countries possess a lot of natural wonders. Like Russia, Canada is rich in....(resources). The country gives home to... (animals) and ….also.....
5. Still, Canada and Russia are two different lands. Russia is a federal republic, the head of the state is President, whose power is limited by the State Duma and whose helpers are the Council of Ministers; while  Canada represented by...    the main parties......
6. So, you see, on the one hand, countries really differ. On the other hand, they have much in common. Though Russia is a multinational country, the official language is Russian, while people in Canada speak...

Both countries possess a rich history, bright traditions and pecularities.
14 February 2016  A topic sample (shared by my colleague
Should School Uniforms Be Abolished?  
   Is it a good idea for students not to wear a uniform? While abolishing school uniforms allows for freedom of expression and individuality , I believe that uniforms are very important in a number of ways.
   Firstly,  school uniforms make it easy for students to dress every morning. Teenagers do not have to spend countless hours searching for something to wear.  
    Moreover, even though uniforms are initially quite expensive, they save parents lots of money in the long run because they do not have to buy their children the latest trends. In addition to this, wearing the same clothes make children from different economic backgrounds feel equal.  
    On the other hand, many students argue that a uniform prevents them from expressing themselves and revealing their personality through clothing. Also, some children state that they do not feel comfortable in uniforms. For instance, they dislike the look or the cut.Despite this,  many still find ways of adjusting their uniforms to their liking, by rolling up their sleeves or flipping up their collars for example.
    In conclusion, I strongly believe that uniforms are important for displaying unity and give children a sense of loyalty to their school. School uniforms do not hurt students' individuality or need for self-expression. Many schools have a choice of uniforms, so teenagers can express themselves in a small way. For me, school uniforms play a valuable part  in school life as they help build school spirit and introduce a feeling of belonging.


4 Февраля 2016 
(задание на время карантина!)

The Cultural Life of Kuzbass
Vocabulary and Grammar

Complete the text with the derivates from the right- hand column.
The main goal of the    1    cultural policy is to make cultural                                 REGION
 wealth and benefits accessible for all the social and community groups.
 The Kemerovo region has a rich cultural and     2     potential.                               CREATE
 In Kuzbass there are five artistic unions uniting professional artists,
actors,    3     and writers. There are also artistic Houses, by profession,                 COMPOSE
 that serve as a meeting ground for creative intelligentsia, namely Actor's House,
 Artist's House and Writers' House in Kemerovo as well as House of Artistic
   4    in Novokuznetsk.                                                                                            UNITE
 The region has a great creative potential.
 We have established one of the best    5   and Siberia-wide                                   NATION
staff training system, which is multilevel and includes 140 various
   6    . Children schools of arts provide a good basis for                                         INSTITUTE
 further development of     7     talented people.                                                      ARTISTIC
 All over the Oblast there are cultural clubs with more than 4,000 amateur
artistic groups, interest groups, all kinds of societies and Fashion Theater
involving more than 67,000 children. 
 Every year over 60    8    are held in the region showing art of                              EXHIBIT
Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk artists.
 Kuzbass drama groups show their    9    experiments at various                             THEATRE
    10   and regional festivals held in Russia.                                                            NATIONAL

Задания по грамматике и лексике
    Прочитайте текст.  Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами B3-B9, так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию  B3-B9

 B3   The main goal of the regional cultural policy ___ to make cultural wealth        BE
and  benefits accessible for all the social and community groups.
 In Kuzbass there are five artistic unions uniting professional artists, actors,
 composers and writers. There are also artistic Houses, by profession,
B4  that ____   as a meeting ground for creative intelligentsia,  namely         SERVE                                                                                                                              Actor's House, Artist's House and Writers' House in Kemerovo as well as House of Artistic Unions in Novokuznetsk.
B5 In Kuzbass there_____ one of the best national and Siberia                              ESTABLISH
-wide staff training system, which is multilevel and includes 140 various institutions
 - music and arts schools, five educational institutions of secondary vocational education;
 - federal higher vocational institutions, like Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts; establishment of additional vocational education and the Governor's Cultural Center "Young Talents of Kuzbass".
 Children schools of arts provide a good basis for further development of artistically talented people.
B6 All over the Oblast there ____ cultural clubs with more than 4,000                BE
amateur artistic groups, interest groups, all kinds of societies and Fashion
B7  Theater ______more than 67,000 children.                                                      INVOLVE
 Our artistic groups are famous both in Russia and abroad. The Governor's
B8 Symphony Orchestra of Kuzbass _______ successfully in                                PERFORM
 France, Belgium and China. The Chamber Choir of Kuzbass has become the winner in the International Festival of Academic Choruses in Finland
B9 and ______ the silver medal in the contest in Italy.                                           AWARD
The Chamber Choir from Novokuznetsk was awarded the Golden Diploma at the International Chorus Contest named after Mendelssohn - Bartholdy in Germany.

Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами B10-B14, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали THEATRE содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию B10-B14.

B10     Every year over 60 _____ are held in the region                        EXIBIT
showing art of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk artists.
B11   Kuzbass drama groups show their ____  experiments at               THEATRE      
B12  _____  international and regional festivals held in Russia.             VARY
Theatrical Kuzbass Festival has become a tradition as well.
B13     The _____   International Jazz Festival "Jazz                             TRADITION
at the Old Fortress" held in Novokuznetsk has become a significant
B14  event in the sphere of _______  and performing arts.                     MUSIC
Jazz  Club “Helicon” summed up the results of twenty festivals and
 issued “Super-album” consisting of seven CDs with the records
of the best contemporary jazz.

Прочитайте текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами B10-B14, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали  содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами. Каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному заданию B10-B14.

    Kemerovo theatre for children and youth will take part in the IX
B10 International  ______ “Young Theatres of Russia”.                      FESTIVE                              
It will be held in Omsk from 23 to 31 May 2013.
Kemerovo theatre will present its premiere of the last season
 “Long Distance, or Slavic accent”.
The International Festival “Young theatres of Russia” has been held 
in Omsk since 2002. For the past years it has been attended by more
B11 than 80 theatre ________ from big and small cities of Russia,     COLLECT
and in the international program  - those from the United States,
France, Germany, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, and 

This year’s festival will host 19 teams, including those from
Slovenia,  the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Estonia. Among
B12  the _______  are the plastic theater of Alisher                        PARTICIPATE
Hasanov “Mime-orchestra” (Moscow), “Etude-theater”
(St. Petersburg),  monoperformance of People’s Artist of Russia
Alexander Filippenko, “Fifth Theatre” (Omsk), the theater
 “Near the Bridge” (Perm).

Before the trip to Omsk, Kemerovo theatre for children and youth
B13 will take part in several festivals: in March 2-7 – _______              REGION
Festival “Theatrical Kuzbass” (in Novokuznetsk),
in March 20-25 – X International fairytale theatre festival
“I am small, hello!” in (New Urengoy), in April 18-24 -
B14  Russian _________ theatre award and theatre festival for             N ATION
 children “Harlequin” (in St. Petersburg).

February 1st

January 31st

January 28
here are   lovely songs to learn the solar system (names of the planets and their short characteristics)

January 27
Render into English(Use your Activity Book, lesson 4)

Что такое парад планет?

Парадом планет называется образование мнимой прямой линии, соединяющей планеты друг с другом. Проще говоря, это явление означает выстраивание планет в ряд одна за одной. Всего планет 9, однако в этот раз 31 января в рад выстроится лишь 5 из них — это Меркурий, Венера, Марс, Юпитер и Сатурн. В некоторых регионах, где видимость ночного неба высока, парад будет виден отчасти даже невооруженным глазом.
В большинстве случаев для самого лучшего наблюдения Марса, Юпитера и Сатурна понадобится телескоп. 5 планет — это немного, однако даже такой парад планет происходит примерно раз в 10 — 12 лет. Полного же парада планет человечество пока так и не застало, хотя майя предсказывали его в 2012 году.

Парад планет — это очень красиво и зрелищно. Моделирование движения планет показало, что ближайший полный парад планет будет не раньше 150 лет.

Астрологи советуют воспринимать этот день как обычный и ничем не примечательный, но с небольшой возможностью того, что настроение будет постоянно меняться.

December 7
in the world of money


October 29
Dear friends, here are the questions which can serve an outline for your own stories "My school" , "Schools and education in different countries". make use of them reasonably.
love, NA

September 30
Dear friends, pay attention to the possible questions on our 4 subtopics "The world of jobs and professions, choosing a career"

September 29
Here's a sample of the topic "The world of jobs and professions"

September, 28
I Want to Ве
Some people often say to m
уоu decided what уоu want to bе?"
I usually answer, "I don't know,"
But it isn't really so.
I want to win
аn Olympic race,
I want to see the Earth from space,
 I want to travel to Katmandu
I want to b
е rich and famous, too.
I want to b
е оn Hollywood's screen,
I want to invent
а new machine,
I want to b
е very clever and wise,
I want to win the Nobel prize,
But most of all, I want to b
Healthy and strong, and nice.

Here's the Basic story "Choosing a carrer"
Choosing a profession is not an easy matter.  Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life. Many roads are open before us.
Centuries ago there were only a few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, butchers or carpenters. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs, and new ones are constantly appearing. No wonder that it is not an easy thing to make the right choice.
When choosing a future career, we should consider different factors. First of all it’s good when you get satisfaction from your job. It is very important to choose a profession that suits your interests. In my opinion, a job should be interesting and socially important. Some jobs are more suitable for men and others for women. For example, the professions of secretary or nurse are more suitable for women. The professions of lifeguard or  pilot are the jobs for men.
I think money is one of the most important factors when you make a choice. There are highly paid jobs and low-paid jobs. For example, a businessman, a president or a film star are highly paid jobs. A worker, a doctor or an engineer are low-paid jobs. I think everybody wants to earn as much money as possible. 
To make the right choice, you should take into account your traits of character. It goes without saying that to become a good doctor you must be patient and kind. Teacher’s work requires love for children, profound knowledge of subjects, and the ability to explain.
There are so many people who influence us in choosing our occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in our choices. My father thinks that I must choose my future profession according to my taste. I am good at Maths and I think I’m rather communicative. May be after finishing school I will enter the university and study marketing or management. Managing is a very interesting but difficult job.
I haven’t decided yet what to study. But I still have time to think and to choose.

One more sample, read it:

Choosing a profession is not an easy matter.  Finishing school is the beginning of an independent life. Many roads are open before us.
Centuries ago there were only a few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, butchers or carpenters. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs. That is why we can choose any job which interests us. We should learn if it is attractive or not attractive, prestigious or not respected, exciting or monotonous. We should also know what this job can require from us: accuracy or courage, good imagination or special training, night shifts or working from home.
Choosing a future career, we consider different factors. In my opinion, a job should be interesting and socially important. Some jobs are more suitable for men and others for women.
I think money is one of the most important factors when you make a choice.  
You should also take into account your traits of character. To become a good doctor you must be patient and kind. Doctors save the lives of people. Mistakes are impossible in this profession. Teacher’s work requires love for children, excellent knowledge of subjects, and the ability to explain. The profession of designer needs a good imagination and creativity.
There are so many people who influence us in choosing our occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in our choice.
Perhaps the best way to prepare for any job is to get a good education. I haven’t decided yet what to study. But I still have time to think and to choose. 


Learn English tricky spelling
"ph"-"f": A famous   photographer framed the photo of a Finnish physician and a Philippine pharmacist riding funny African elephants in a safari park.

"c"-"s"-"k": A clever cook took a look into a cookery book and complained that the recipe was a kind of a Korean culinary masterpiece.
The last episode of the series was really serious.

Three witches watched TV, which witch watched what?

A sailor goes to sea and a salesman deals with customers, sometimes the salesman sells sails , and the  sailor buys sails at the sales.

11  May 2015 
dear  7th formers, 
there are a lot of stories left, 
so choose them in accordance with our perspectives:

6 May 2015
another episode to revise for the oral test: great cities (London is on another group blog)

5, May, 2015  we revise the geography of English speaking countries 
(i.e. our last academic year stuff)

Картинки по запросу if

Alan Alexander Milne 1882-1956

I often wish I were a King,
And then I could do anything.

If only I were King of Spain,
I'd take my hat off in the rain.

If only I were King of France,
I wouldn't brush my hair for aunts.

I think, if I were King of Greece,
I'd push things off the mantelpiece. If I were King of Norroway,
I'd ask an elephant to stay.

If I were King of Babylon,
I'd leave my button gloves undone.

If I were King of Timbuctoo,
I'd think of lovely things to do.

If I were King of anything,

I'd tell the soldiers, "I'm the King!"

26 марта 2015

Карточки для устного ответа   на итоговую аттестацию 
                                               за год

(P.S.- будут добавлены две карточки- спорт в нашей жизни и Олимпийские игры)

Topics for discussion
1. What do you think is more popular: cinema or theatre? Why?
2. Do television and video influence the popularity of cinema? 
3. Are you a cinema-goer? How often do you go to the cinema/theatre?                              
What is your favourite genre?
4. Do you prefer going to the cinema/theatre with friends or with your parents? Why?
5. Speak about your last visit to the cinema/theatre.
Reading is a popular pastime
1. Why do people read books?
2. Are you fond of reading? Why "yes"/"no"?
3. What genres do you know and which one are you keen on?
4. What do you feel when you read a good book?
5. What is your  favourite book? Describe it.

Great Britain is a country of customs and traditions
1 What British customs and traditions do you know? 
2. Which of them do you find the most interesting?
3. Which holidays are celebrated only in Britain?
4. What holidays are celebrated all over the world?
6. Which holidays are similar to Russian ones?

1. What is a hobby? What hobbies do you know? Which of them are active/ intellectual  
/expensive etc.?
2. Do people  of different characters  have different hobbies? Why?
3. Speak about your hobby. How long have you had it?  How does it help you? 
4. What have you learnt from you hobby?

                                 FRIENDS and F RIENDSHIP
       1. Is it important to have a friend?
       2. What is better: to have one true friend or many mates?
3. Speak about  your friend. How does he/she look like?
       4. What qualities do  you appreciate in him/her? Which qualities do you dislike in  

1. Australia is often called an upside-down world. Why?
2. Where is Australia situated? What bodies of water wash it?
3. In what way is Australia divided? Can you name the Australian states and   
territories? What are the  states famous for?
       4.  They say, Australia is the most extraordinary country to explore. Do you agree?
Prove your  answer. 

1.     Speak about the geographical position of Australia Where is it situated?  What is it  
washed by?
2.What is the scenery of the country? What are the main three deserts?
3. What is the population of the country? What is the capital of the country? Name the
biggest cities.
4.How many states and territories are there? Speak about one of them.

The most extraordinary country to explore
1. Why is Australia called the upside-down  world?
2. Do all parts of Australia receive enough rain? What are the main products there?
3. The wildlife of Australia is rich and various, isn’t it?
4. What  animals  are the symbols of the continent?

Country and the people (The USA)
1. Speak about the geographical position of the USA. Where is it situated? What is it washed by? How many states are there  in the USA?
2. What  is the scenery of the country like? What mighty rivers of the USA do you know?
3. What is the population of the country? Why is the USA called “the melting pot of nations”?
4. What are the most famous places to enjoy the beauty and the power of wild America?
1.What is the name of the city you live in? Where is it situated?
        2.Is the history of your city rich?
        3.What is your city famous for?
        4.What sights can you see in the city? What is your favourite place? Why?

My Region
1.Where is Kemerovo region situated?
           2. The scenery of the region is very beautiful, isn't it? What rivers, mountains, etc. are   
           there in your region? 
3.     What is the regional  climate like?
4.     What natural resources is the region rich in?
5.     What famous people is your region proud of?

1.What is the official name of our country? What is its capital? What are the symbols of the country?
2.Where is Russia situated? What seas and oceans wash it?
3. Russia is rich in lakes, rivers  and  mountains. Name some of them.
4.The history of Russia is full of great and tragic events. Name some of them.
5.     Are you proud of our country? Name 3 things which make you be proud of  it.

English as a Global Language
     1. They say, English is a global language in the world. What does it mean?
     2. How has English become a world language?
     3. Why are more and more people learning English nowadays?
     4.  What spheres of life is English used in?
     5. Is it important to learn foreign languages? Why? Do people who speak English   
        have better job opportunities?   Are you going to use English in your future job?

Learning English
     1. Why do people learn English?
     2. What are the ways to learn English?
3.     Are you happy with the way you are taught English in class?
4.     Do you learn English outside school or after classes?
5.     What are the most difficult and enjoyable parts of learning English?

Royal London
     1. What places in London are connected with the crown?
     2. Which is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II?
     3. Why is it said that the monarch “reigns but doesn't rule”?
     4. What famous kings and queens do you know? Speak about one of them.
     5. Why do Londoners keep black ravens in the tower of London? What did the   
         Tower of  London use to be?

      1.What is Moscow? Where is it situated?
      2.There are a lot of beautiful sights in Moscow, aren't there? Speak about some of them.
      3. What do you know about the history of Moscow?
      4. Have you ever been to Moscow? What impressed you most? If not, what would you   
        like to see when you come there?

Me and my world

1. What can you tell a stranger about yourself?
2.What three things do you think are the most important about you?
3. Speak about your family. How big it is? What do you like doing together? Have you got any family traditions?
4.Have you got really close friends? Do you spend much time together? What is so special about your friends?
5.What are the three things you enjoy doing most of all and the three things that you hate doing?

1. Speak about the geographical position of Scotland.  Into what parts is Scotland divided geographically? What river flows across the country? What are the two largest and busiest cities in Scotland?
2. Speak about Edinburgh. Is it a young or an ancient city?What are the two most interesting parts of the city? 
3. When is it the best time to visit Edinburgh? Why?
4. What is the most picturesque part  of the Royal Mile? What monument can you see there?
5. What is Princess street famous for?

William Shakespeare
1. When and where was Shakespeare born?
2. What do you know about William Shakespeare's family?
3. Why did he leave for London? What did he do there?
4. What works by Shakespeare do you know?
5. Are his plays performed  only in Britain?

1. Where is the UK situated ? What is it washed by?
2. What parts does the UK consist of and what are their capitals and symbols?
3. The people who were born in Britain are English, aren't they?
4. Who does the power in the country belong to?
5. Who makes laws in the country?

1. What parts does England consist of?
2. What is the Southeast famous for?
3. Why do tourists find the Southwest attractive?
4. What are the most important industrial cities in England?
5. What are the main attractions of the North of England?

Give a talk about environmental problems.

1) What environmental problems does our country have?
2) What environmental problem do you consider to be the most serious? Why?
3) What can people do to improve the situation?
4) What can you do to save energy in your everyday life?
5) Do you think it is important to educate people about ecology? Why?

1.     Are weather forecasts important for people? People of what professions are interested in weather forecasts?
2.     How often do people listen to weather forecasts? Can they get this information only on radio and TV?
3.     Do the members of your family listen to weather forecasts?
4.     Have you ever got into trouble because of a wrong weather forecast?

1.     What is climate?
2.     Is the climate different  in different  parts of the world?
3.     What is the climate of Russia like?
4.     Is weather changing nowadays? Why?

The greenhouse effect
1.     What do you know about the greenhouse effect?
2.     Why doesn’t all heat go back into space?
3.     How can the greenhouse effect influence the climate on the planet in future?
4.     Do you think our planet needs protection? Why?

Environment 2
1.     There are a lot of endangered animals and birds because of serious environmental problems. Do you agree?
2. Why are forests on the planet disappearing? How does this fact influence the life on the earth?
3.  How can wild plants in savannas, deserts and rainforests help to cure people?
4.   What should be remembered if we want to have a healthy life in future?

Environment 3
1.     What does the word “environment” mean?
2.     What are the most serious environmental problems?
3.     What makes sea water dangerous nowadays?
4.     Why is it dangerous to dump industrial waste?
5.     What should be done to protect our environment?

Environment 4
1.     What does the word “environment” mean? Why do people all over the world think and speak so much about ecology?
2.     What are the most serious environmental problems?
3.     Where does air pollution in the cities mostly come from?
4.     Why is it not safe to be in direct sunlight?

5.     Why are nuclear power stations dangerous?
February 22nd
dear friends, time is up!
all the works have been checked and analysed,
all the commentaries have been supplied and answers have been sent to every writing student.

special thanks to Egor Chigrai, who has sent such an optimistic photo and note:

18 февраля
Ребята. не все выслали задания от 17.02.
+ есть замечания по переводу : не дети были найдены, а детей нашли, газон подстригают, Ягуары не производят(ся) и пр.

ключи к 1ому заданию:
a)      is spoken
b)      spent
c)       aren´t made
d)      produces…are exported
e)      is being cut

f)        have been found

по 2ому заданию:  читайте внимательно правило:
грубо говоря смысл такой: содержание книги должно быть обсуждено, этих болтушек надо остановить, телекс должен быть отправлен завтра и т.д.
а перевод надо сделать красиво:
фильм надо обсудить, телекс надо отправить и пр.

новое задание: до пятницы, 20.02.  (2 задания)

1. Make these sentences passive, mentioning the agent only when necessary

a) Yesterday morning somebody attacked Mr. Foster on his way to work.
b) The Prince of Wales has opened a new university in York.
c) Paul and Karen are redecorating the living room.
d) Tim gave Lucy a diamond ring on her birthday.
e) We must warn them of the danger.
f) Phil will leave the tickets for us in the box office.

g) They sent a birthday card to Gary.
2) учебник, упр № 8- всавить предлоги и перевести (это на повторение предыдущего урока)

Good luck!!!

17 февраля 2015-задание для 7ых классов-7б и 7в:
Смотрите учебник-правило образования и использования страдательного залога (как мы учили)  выполняйте задание и присылайте ответы до 16.00 -18 февраля:

(всего 2 задания)

1)Choose the right variant & translate into Russian:
a) English also speaks / is also spoken in New Zealand and Australia.
b) We spent / were spent too much money last summer holidays.
c) Jaguars don´t make / aren´t made in USA.
d) The factory produces / is produced thousands of sports shoes and most of them export / are exported.
e) Can we play on the football pitch?
     No, the grass is cutting / is being cut.

f) The two lost children have found / have been found alive in a suburban park.

см учебник-правило и делай упражнение №8  урок 7
The book must be bought  книгу надо купить(=должна быть куплена)
The  work must be done задание нужно выполнить (=должно быть выполнено)
The party can be organised on Sunday  -вечеринку можно организовать  в воскресение (=может быть организована)


February 5

welcome!  the fascinating videos are here
 -R.Dahl "The Pig" and "The 5 Top Books by R.Dahl'
do you still doubt who BFG is? watch and search!!

26 January 2015
the keys to retell the printed word story:
The earliest books were written (on)…
The words were written (with)…
Clay tablets were used (for)…
The tablets were kept (on)…, they didn’t look…, but they were…
The first public library was founded in ancient Rome…
Only the rich could…
The books were..(handwritten…and beautifully decorated)….

The first people who printed books     …were the Chinese…
People in Europe learnt printing and there were craftsmen, editors, publishers and booksellers…
More and more libraries were founded in Europe and Russia…

21/12/2014                                        Questions for discussion:

1.Great Britain is  a country of customs and traditions, isn't it?
2. What British customs and traditions do you know? 
3. Which of them do you find the most interesting?
4. What  British holidays do you know?
5.Which holidays are celebrated only in Britain?
6.Which of the  holidays are celebrated all over the world?
7. Which holidays are similar to Russian?

8.What is a hobby? What hobbies do you know? Which of them are active/intellectual/expensive etc.?
9. Do  people  of different character have different hobbies? Why?
10.Speak about your hobby. How long have you had it?  How does it help you? What have you learnt from you hobby?

11. Speak about  your friend. How does he/she look like? What qualities do  you appreciate in him/her? Which qualities do you dislike in him/her?

12. What English-speaking countries do you know?
13. Which of them would you like to visit and why?
14.Australia is often called an upside-down world. Why?
15.Where is Australia situated? What bodies of water wash it?
16. In what way is Australia divided? Can you name the Australian states and territories?
17. What are the states famous for?
18.  They  say Australia is the most extraordinary country to explore. Do you agree? Prove your answer. 

December, 10
Here is a sample of home composition “ The characters of A.A.Milne’s books”:

A book by Alexander Milne is full of curious creatures. Some of them are caring, reliable and cheerful. Others are strict, gloomy and nasty. Still others are  dangerous and wild. Still, they all are attractive and possess their own personal characteristics. I’d like to describe one of them, the prettiest and the funniest of them all. Judging by his appearance, he is a small treasure. His figure is rather short and fluffy. He looks slim and bouncy, but, in fact, he is as quiet as a mouse and as delicate as a flower. His eyes are the index of his small sensitive soul. He’s got an intellectual look, though he is not a human being, but an amazing animal. He is rather reasonable sometimes and very helpful to his friends in many cases. He is always ready to give them a helping hand and good advice. His mouth and nose are small, and there are dimples on his funny cheeks. On the whole he looks pleasant and funny.
Moreover, he considers himself to be the smallest and the weakest creature in the world. He is really afraid of many things that are bigger than he. But he is everybody’s favourite and friend because of his tiny kind and devoted heart and a happy optimistic look, he never loses his temper, never.
I believe, his appearance is the mirror of his caring, cheerful, sensitive character.

Frankly speaking, he is as curious as a cat, but I love him so much. This is  my charming Piglet, Winnie’s best friend and companion.

December, 7 
Watch and enjoy the famous hums from Winnie and his friends:


Let's learn some curious traditions of England (May Day and Swan Upping, Trooping of the Colour), Scotland (Highland Games), and Wales (st.David's Day).
here we go:

25 September 2014
these are some videos to learn NOUNS:

September 16
Well, my dear,
watch these videos and try to answer the questions:

*how many people speak or use English nowadays?

**what are the spheres of English application?

***why do people use English globally?

September 3d
these are the two stories that we've studied in class , they will probably help you in doing the homework, in speaking about the country, and in writing a composition, if necessary. in fact, they are the basic texts to be widely used in practice.


The importance of school learning

22nd April 2014
Here is the story for home reading (to Monday, 28.04.2014)

1. Coal is the main mineral resource of Kuzbass. Kuzbass comprises the territory of the Kuznetsk black coal basin and the western part of the Kansk-Achinsk brown coal basin.
2. Kuzbass is one of the largest coal basins in Russia and the main, if not the only, supplier of process raw material to the Russian industries. The  reserves of black coal in Kuzbass exceed the total world's reserves of oil and natural gas by more than 7 times (when converted into equivalent coal) and reach almost 700 billion tons; over 200 billion tons of which account for coking coals.
 Today, the reserves of coking coals in Kuzbass account for 73% of the total reserves of these types of coal in the developed coal basins of Russia, and over 80% of Russia's coking coals are mined in Kuzbass.
Kuzbass coals are of unique quality. They come in almost all process grades and groups from brown coals to anthracites. Coal is the main, but not the only mineral resource in Kuznetsk land. Its interior contains all the elements of Mendeleyev's Periodic Table.
3. Kemerovo Oblast is also rich in other fuel resources, such as peat (over 20 fields), some oil and natural gas.
The southern part of Gornaya Shoria has enormous iron ore deposits. Most of them are located on the banks of the Kondoma River.
There are some iron ore deposits closer to Novokuznetsk, in the Telbess area, as well as in the centre and in the north of Kuzbass. The explored ore reserves are estimated to reach billions of tons.
Manganese is needed for smelting high-quality metal. One of the largest manganese ore deposits in Russia is not far from Mezhdurechensk, its reserves reaches about 200 million tons.
4. The Salair mountain-ridge is a storehouse of complex ore containing zinc, lead, silver and gold. Placers and veins of this noble metal can be found almost anywhere in Kuzbass.
Many places in our region are rich in non-metallic resources (about 150 deposits, 50 of which are in operation), for example, phosphorites and apotites. They are mined in Gornaya Shoria and on the flanks of the Kuznetsk Alatau.
Limestone, which is used in cement production, is mined in Yashkino and Topky raions.
5. In addition to the mineral resources mentioned above, our region is rich in semi-precious stones, such as amethyst, jasper, agate, cornelian and others stones used in jewellery manufacture.
The mineral resources of Kuzbass are unique in terms of their variety, quantity, and quality. In this respect, the region can only be compared to the Urals.
Learn the new words:
Coal basin – угольный бассейн
Coking coal – коксующийся уголь
Anthracites – aнтрациты
Interior – недра
Iron ore deposits – запасы железной руды
Manganese – марганец
Mountain-ridge – горная гряда
Lead – свинец
Vein – жила
Flank (of a hill) – cклон (холма)
Limestone – известняк
Jasper – яшма
Cornelian – сердолик
Jewellery – драгоценности
Task 1 Match the paragraph and the title (one title is extra):
a)      Mineral resources in Kuznetsk land.
b)      The main resource of Kuzbass.
c)      The Kuznetsk coal basin.
d)     A storehouse of complex ore.
e)      The reserves of coal in Kuzbass.
f)       Jewellery manufacture.
            Task 2 Agree (T) or disagree (F):
  1. Brown coal is the main mineral resource in Kuzbass.
  2. Kuzbass is one of the largest coal basins in Russia.
  3. Kuzbass coals are unique.
  4. Kemerovo region has many fuel resources.
  5. Iron ore deposits are near Novosibirsk.
  6. The Salair mountain- ridge is a storehouse of complex ore.
  7. There are no non-metallic resources in Kuzbass.
  8. Different semi-precious stones can be found in Kuzbass.
  Task 3 Answer the questions:
-        Describe the coal mines that you’ve seen in the video.
-        What famous russian writers were mentioned in the video?

-        What other famous Kuzbass cities were mentioned?

16 April 2014 negative prefixes videos

11 April 2014 an eco leaflet "Going Green' (a sample)

We all live on Earth, it's our common home. But, unfortunately, people often pollute the air we breathe, poison the water we drink, cut down the trees and throw the wastes into the atmosphere.
March 29 is the Earth Day. Join us!
We'll be planting trees near the school  building, we''ll be cleaning the river bank, looking after and feeding the homeless, hungry, poor pets in the streets.
We'll be saving energy and turn off the light at home. 
We won't be throwing  litter in the streets. we won't be chewing gum all day long!
Let's demonstrate our respect and support to ecology.
Be one of us!

3d April 2014  Употребление future continuous   В основном, future continuous  применяется в том случае, когда мы говорим о действии, котороеначнется в будущем в определенный момент времени и будет продолжаться какое-то время. В отличие от future simple, future continuous делает акцент на длительности действия. Поэтому оно и называется на русском - будущее длительное время. Довольно часто вместе с future continuous употребляются слова, обозначающие конкретное время: at noon, at 7 o'clock, at that moment и т.п. Приведем несколько поясняющих примеров:

    • This time next week I'll be on holiday. I'll be lying on the beach or swimming in the sea. - На следующей неделе в это время я буду в отпуске. Я буду лежать на пляже или плавать в море.
    • Don't phone between 4 and 5. We'll be eating. - Не звони между четыремя и пятью. Мы будем есть.
    • I’ll be waiting for you at 8 o’clock tomorrow. - Я буду ждать тебя в 8 часов завтра.
    • At 5 o'clock tomorrow, he will be in his office. He will be working. - Завтра в 5 часов он будет у себя в офисе. Он будет работать.
  • Мы можем ограничить момент времени другим будущим действием, при помощи использования таких слов, как например when, while, before и т.д.
    • When I come, they will be playing. - Когда я приду, они будут играть.
    • While he's reading the book, I'll be watching TV. - Пока он будет читать книгу, я буду смотреть телевизор.


21st March
dear pupils, I am terribly sorry for our messy classes today. hope,  you will accept my excuses and we all will become wiser, kinder and more generous while relaxing on holidays.
have a nice time!

19 March
Here is the grammar test on Past Tenses, antonyms,  prepositions-everything we've learned this term

I. Use the correct tense- forms of verbs in brackets.
 Our first fishing trip of the summer was a memorable affair. My brother Peter and I(get) up at down and (pack) our fishing equipment. The sun (shine) up and the sea was calm when we climbed into our little motor boat. We knew that we (not/be) able to go back until evening, so we (prepare) a picnic and (take) some bottles of drink. We forgot all we (discover) that we ( run) out of petrol. We felt really worried when we realized that wind (blow) and the sea (get) quite rough. We rowed  towards the nearest beach.
II. Put in articles where necessary.
……… stamp-collecting is……… interesting pastime. Many people begin collecting …………. Stamps when they are ……….children. Some of ………… world’s most famous people have collected …….. stamps. Bill Clinton built up ………… collection in his youth, and ……… Queen Elizabeth has …….. world’s largest collection. In fact, making your own collection of stamps is……… rewarding experience.
III. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate pronouns.
1.      The children have …………. appetite. They hardly eat……….
2.      So ………… amusing incidents occurred on our way to Berlin.
3.      I need a car …………. Car will do.
4.      We need ………… secretary in the office. One isn’t enough.
5.      So ………… people came to the meeting that we had to put it off till next week.
IV. Complete the sentences with the appropriate prepositions.
A.      This photograph was taken when I was ………….. secondary school. It was our annual sports day.  I was twelve then and very keen…………. sports. I came second …………. That race and won a silver medal. The photograph was taken ………. someone …….. the local newspaper. I was very excited to see my picture in the paper. That’s me……….. right.
B.      1. He arrived………… the morning of Monday, April 24…………. Precisely 10 a.m.
2. The ground was covered……………. leaves.
3. You look very pleased …………yourself! Have you won some money?
4 The British Isles are separated ……… the continent by the English Channel.
V Complete these sentences using the correct form (- ed or -ing) of the adjectives in brackets.
1 I hate football. It’s so ………. (bore).
2 I am not……….. (interest) in fishing.
3 it was ………….. (surprise) how well China did in the Olympic Games.
4. His exam results were very…………. (disappoint).
5 What a great basketball game! It was so ……………. (excite).
6 The spectators made a lot of noise. They were very ………( excite).

VI. match the adjectives in list A with their opposites in list B.

2) impatient
3 )cheap
5) interesting
6) dangerous
7) useful
8) fast
9) beautiful
10) noisy
11) tall
b) useless
d) expensive

17 March 2014
Here are the videos to support our classes in the USA country- study

5, March 2014
Study the basic story on ecology “Ecological Problems” and get prepared to discuss the main items:

1.      What is the root of human disharmony with nature?
2.      What is  the evidence of human interference into  nature?
3.      What measures can help Humanity to save the planet from ecological catastrophe?

     Since ancient times Nature has served Man, being the source of his life. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment and it seemed to them that natural riches were unlimited. But with the development of civilization man's interference in nature began to increase.
     Large cities with thousands of smoky industrial enterprises appear all over the world today. The by-products of their activity pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we grow grain and vegetables on.
     Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with about 1000 million tons of dust and other harmful substances. Many cities suffer from smog. Vast forests are cut and burn in fire. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species of animals, birds, fish and plants disappear forever, a number of rivers and lakes dry up.
 The pollution of air and the world's ocean, destruction of the ozone layer is the result of man's careless interaction with nature, a sign of the ecological crises.
    Environmental protection is of a universal concern. That is why serious measures to create a system of ecological security should be taken. Some progress has been already made in this direction. As many as 159 countries - members of the UNO - have set up environmental protection agencies. Numerous conferences have been held by these agencies to discuss problems facing ecologically poor regions including the Aral Sea, the South Urals, Kuzbass, Donbass, Semipalatinsk and Chernobyl. An international environmental research centre has been set up on Lake Baikal. The international organization Greenpeace is also doing much to preserve the environment.

     But these are only the initial steps and they must be carried onward to protect nature, to save life on the planet not only for the sake of the present but also for the future generations.

Watch the presentation and read the basic story SPORTS IN KUZBASS

    The Kuzbass people are going in for 59 different sports. 15 local teams take part in the national championships: for example, ‘Metallurg’ (Novokuznetsk, ice hockey), ‘Energia’ (Kemerovo), the Russian hockey team ‘Kuzbass’ (Kemerovo) and the women’s rugby team ‘Burevestnik’ (Novokuznetsk). Every year the Region holds about 500 championships of Kuzbass and over 40 national and regional tournaments. Among them there are championships of Russia and Siberia for weight-lifting, sports dancing, national competitions in power lifting, snowboarding and all-around athletic competitions. Over 80 of our sportsmen are members of national teams. About 50 have already won different world and European championships since year 2000. Among the Olympics champions of past years are the weightlifters Rudolf Lukfeldel, Aleksey Vakhonin, Alexander Voronin, the gymnasts Maria Filatova, Valentin Mogilny, Elena Grudneva, the athlete Vyacheslav Ivanenko. Our Elena Prokhorova won a silver medal in athletic all-round competitions at Sidney Olympics and then a gold medal at the world championship.
    There are a lot of children’s sports schools and clubs in Kuzbass which are visited by about 50000 children. There are dozens of stadiums, swimming pools, skiing and downhill skiing tracks, athletics and gymnastics centres and other sports sites.
    172 sportsmen won medals during the national championships and 57 – the world and European ones.
 Maxim Devyatovsky took the 6th place in gymnastics at XXVIII Athens Olympics.
Dmitry Kirillov won the silver medal in free wrestling in the World Championship.
Alexander Matveev became the champion in climbing in 2004.
Julie Mitrenko was a winner in boxing in the World Championship.
Evgeny Rybakov was the best in the junior league in cross-country running, took part in the national and European competitions.
Vasilisa Kravchuk, the former pupil of LG 21, won 2 silver medals in submarine swimming during the World Championship in Chine as a junior.
Artyom Lugma and Konstantin Ostapenko became the champions in football for the World Cup in the category of disabled players.
Konstantin Pavlov, Galina Karpova, Tatiana Eltsova took part in the weightlifting competitions and won victories.
Task 1.  Name widespread sports and games in our region.
Task 2. Ask 5 questions on the text for your classmates to answer.
Task 3. What do we call a sportsman who:plays  basketball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, cricket, rugby; swims, runs, jumps, climbs, dives, skis, skates, rows, fishes?
Task 4.  Say what sports and games our Kuzbass famous sportsmen go in for. 

Ho-ho-ho, would you like to learn the names and characters of SANTA's REINDEER?
Watch the presentation!!!!!  here is the link: 


December, 23d 
Dear friends, learn the lyrics of the songs: LET IT SNOW and HE"LL COME DOWN THE CHIMNEY-HO_HO_HO !

this is the link to the presentation "W.Shakespeare"

 and this is an audio of nShakespeare's sonnet

December 9-2013
Конструкция сложное дополнение (объектный инфинитивный оборот, Complex Object, The Objective Infinitive Construction, The Objective-with-the-Infinitive Construction) представляет собой сочетание существительного в общем падеже или личного местоимения в объектном падеже с инфинитивом. Эта конструкция строится по следующей схеме:

(в действительном
Существительное в общем падеже или личное местоимение в объектном падеже
him to do it in time.
что он сделает это вовремя.

При переводе конструкции на русский язык, почти всегда используется придаточное предложение.

После глаголов чувственного восприятия:
to hear слышатьto see видетьto watch наблюдать, смотретьto feel чувствоватьto observe наблюдатьto notice замечать и др. в действительном залоге. После этих 
глаголов инфинитив употребляется без частицы to
watched her approach.
Я смотрелкак она приближается.
После глаголов чувственного восприятия используется только Indefinite Infinitive Active. Чтобы выразить действие в страдательном залоге, можно использовать причастие II
saw the fire slowly conquered.
Я видел, как пожар постепенно потушили.
После глаголов, обозначающих умственную деятельность:
to know знатьto think думатьto considerto believeto suppose думать, полагатьto expect ожидатьto imagine представлятьto find находить, узнаватьto trust веритьto assumeдопускать, предполагать и др. в действительном залоге. После этих 
глаголов в составе конструкции очень часто используется глагол to be
He considers this question to be of great importance.
Он считает этот вопрос очень важным (= что этот вопрос является очень важным).
После глаголов со значением заявления:
to pronounce произносить, говоритьto declare заявлятьto report докладывать
The surgeon pronounced the wound to be a slight one.
Врач сказал, что рана лёгкая (= рана является лёгкой).
После глаголов, обозначающих чувства и эмоции:
to like нравитьсяto dislike не нравитьсяto love любитьto hatecannot bear не мочь терпеть, ненавидеть и т. д.
hate you to talk in this way.
Я терпеть не могу, когда вы так говорите (= вы говорите таким образом).
После глаголов, обозначающих приказ или разрешениепринуждение:
to order приказыватьto allowto permit позволятьto suffer неохотно позволятьto have распоряжатьсяto maketo haveto getto forceto cause распоряжаться, приказывать, заставлять и др. в действительном залоге
She suffered Mr. Smith to go her back into her room.
Она неохотно позволила, чтобы мистер Смит проводил ее в комнату.
She caused a telegram to be sent to him.
Она распорядилась, чтобы ему послали телеграмму (= чтобы телеграмма была отправлена ему).

Подробнее - на сайте:  


November 19  
Do you find difficulty learning english grammar?
Well, dear, here is the way to check up your knowledge of PARTICIPLES 1 and 2
1)      I am so   (relaxed / relaxing) that I don't want to move..
2)      I find horror films really   (frightened / frightening) and not at all fun to watch..
3)      We were stopped by a man with a knife who took our money. It was   (terrified / terrifying)..
4)      8) I'm really   (tired / tiring) . I think I'll go to bed...
5)      He's very   (interested / interesting) in history..
6)      She is never   (satisfied / satisfying) with her work..
7)      Cleaning is so   (tired / tiring) ! I think I'll have a rest..
8)      My grandmother was   (shocked / shocking) by the man's bad language..
9)      My niece is   (terrified / terrifying) of dogs..
10)    My job is very   (satisfied / satisfying) . I love helping people..
11)    The news was so   (shocked / shocking) that she burst into tears..
12)    My exam results were great! It's really   (surprised / surprising)but good, of course..

October, 21st   Dear friends,   here is another video on eco issues, it can help you understand the general meaning and details on the topic. break your leg!   

October, 18 
Dear friends, now we are starting a new rubric-ecological problems and environmental issues. Here is a video to watch and study the main concepts. 

October, 10 Dear friemds, here is a video to help you with your homework-presentationa on the topic Endangered animals. good luck, Love, N.A.                                                                                           

16, September, 2013
Hello, friends,
let us start the new academic year with a grammar presentation to support our class material- watch the traditional rubric in the right corner of the entry page- PRESENTATIONS- Present Perfect Continous(Progressive)
Love, N.A.

***********************************************************25 April,Here are the pics taken on the Day of Britain during the English Language Fortnight in our school


Here are some  cliches to remember REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS:
Enjoy yourself!
Feel yourself at home!
Behave yourself!
Do it yourself!
Believe in yourself!
Don't hurt yourself!
Think for yourself!
You told me yourself!
I did it all by myself.

keep on smiling!

Hello, friends,
we start a new academic term with new grammar patterns- pronouns and future with IF.
here is video support, and two P.P.Presentations to follow.
love, N.A. (1st April, 2013)

hello, everybody, 
I'd like to greet you on very short holidays with some positive phrases and optimistic sentences. here is one for the beginning: a nice quotation for you, my true English learners: 

Winnie-the-Pooh A fictional bear (created by A. A. Milne), who appeared first in the London Evening News (1925) and then in the book Winnie-the-Pooh (1926)
Long quote:
"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like 'What about lunch?'"
21st March- Doctors and Patients (role game in 5C form, the 4th of March-the publication is a bit late-but better late than never, isn't it?))

March 16-17
Hello, friends,
Missing the news on this page? It was a long break really, but here I am again to share the Power Point Presentation "SUFFIXES-2". I wish those who have missed classes recently could sooner catch up with the group.
Best of luck!
And Happy St.Patrick's day! (March 17)

March, 2nd
To, 5th formers!
there are three new presentations "What's the Matter?",  "A sound Body" and "A healthy Style" (to the topic Health) for those who are ill or under the weather- just catch up with the group and get well soon!
love, N.A

5 February 2013

dear friends, 
we are going to keep St.Valentine's Day in school.
just join us and learn the lyrics- do you know why? 
it's top secret, between me, you and the post lamp

Lyrics to Do-re-mi :

Doe, a deer, a female deer.
Ray, a drop of golden sun.
Me, a name I call myself.
Far, a long, long way to run.
Sew, a needle pulling thread,
La, a note to follow sew,
Tea, a drink with jam and bread!
That will bring us back to do oh-oh-oh!


Oh, where have you been,

Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Oh, where have you been,

Charming Billy?

I have been to seek a wife,

She's the joy of my life,

She's a young thing

And cannot leave her mother.

Did she ask you to come in,

Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Did she ask you to come in,

Charming Billy?

Yes, she asked me to come in,

There's a dimple in her chin.

She's a young thing

And cannot leave her mother.

Can she make a cherry pie,

Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

Can she make a cherry pie,

Charming Billy?

She can make a cherry pie,

Quick as a cat can wink an eye,

She's a young thing

And cannot leave her mother.

How old is she,

Billy Boy, Billy Boy?

How old is she,

Charming Billy?

Three times six and four times seven,

Twenty-eight and eleven,

She's a young thing

And cannot leave her mother

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

My Bonnie lies over the sea

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me


Bring back, bring back

Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me

Bring back, bring back

Bring back my Bonnie to me

Last night as I lay on my pillow

Last night as I lay on my bed

Last night as I lay on my pillow

I dreamt that my Bonnie was dead


Oh blow the winds o'er the ocean

And blow the winds o'er the sea

Oh blow the winds o'er the ocean

And bring back my Bonnie to me


The winds have blown over the ocean

The winds have blown over the sea

The winds have blown over the ocean

And brought back my Bonnie to me

16 January 2013

        Dear friends,
Here are the two promised episodes about the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Watch the maps first, to understand the stories better


My dear pupils, those who are ill these days and stay home without our academic classes, I am really sorry- but  there are two new presentations for you to watch and keep up with the group- they contain the new grammar pattern (used to) and the  lexics of the day.
Get well soon!                                             


Here are the videos to Thanksgiving Day, which is coming (See the Curiosity Shop page). Make sure you'll not miss the joys of the day and can value its true meaning.



Dear friends,
watch a new rubric in the right corner of the main page- PICS AND PRESENTATIONS.
Here is a presentation on Present Perfect and Past Simple Compared.
if you've missed something in class, you just watch the presentation and catch up with the group.
Best of luck and follow me!

Dear  friends, 
Now I'm here to help you with traditional greetings.
 Sometimes it's nice to say "How are You? HI, How are you going on?" instead of trivial "Morning".
 So, watch this video and enlarge your active vocabulary.
Best of luck, Ur English teacher

Hello again!
Is grammar really as difficult as you tell me? Let's take FUTURE SIMPLE, for instance. We've learned three ways of expressing your plans (be going to+ verb), future facts(will, shall+ verb) and Present Progressive (be+ verb+ing). That's what we've learned in class, and 
here are some episodes to master Ur English with  the FUTURE Tense
Break your leg!

14/10/2012                                                                  Dear friends,

We go on learning English grammar through singing and watching.
This time it’s a folk song “Billy Boy”, performed slowly and a bit childlishly. But it’s even better, as you can catch up with the rhythm and the lyrics at a time. I underline the grammar forms, try not to miss the notes. So, sing along and enjoy Present Perfect and Past Simple (both interrogative and affirmative)
Where have you been? - Present Perfect interrogative
I have  been to seek a wife- Present Perfect affirmative
She has- Present simple (=she has got)
Did she ask you  to come in, Billy Boy? (Past Simple interrogative)
Yes, she bade me to come in -Past Simple
- (bid-bade-bidden= просить)-
She can , Can she? (Present Simple)


Dear friends,
now when we are in the process of learning grammar tenses, these video episodes can be rather helpful- you will learn  irregular verbs through reading, listening and even dancing!  ( the www sites are mentioned in each episode)  
Just watch and learn!

The last episode on this page is a story in two contrasting patterns- Past Simple and Present Perfect. Try to understand what is what there.

5* This page is for my secondary school pupils, just to help them master and brush up their English in  extra-curriculum activities.
Today it's reference to the Irish song " Molly Mallone" - sing it  along with U-tube video
 Мо́лли Мало́ун (англ. Molly Malone, также известная как Cockles and Mussels, «Моллюски и мидии», и In Dublin’s fair city) — популярная ирландская песня, ставшая одним из неофициальных символов Ирландии. В ней говорится о красивой молодой девушке, торговавшей на улицах Дублина, и умершей молодой. Песня включена в «Индекс народных песен Роуда» под номером 16932.
In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty,
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone,
As she wheeled her wheel-barrow, through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!"

«Alive, alive, oh, Alive, alive, oh»,
Crying "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh".

She was a fishmonger, and sure 'twas no wonder,
For so were her mother and father before,
And they each wheeled their barrow, through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!"


She died of a fever, And no one could save her,
And that was the end of sweet Molly Malone.
Now her ghost wheels her barrow, through streets broad and narrow,
Crying, "Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!"
Я в Дублине честном, где дамы прелестны
Впервые увидел красотку Малоун
Тележку катала повсюду, кричала:
«Ракушки и мидии, свежие, о!»

«Свежайшие, о, свежайшие, о,
Ракушки и мидии свежие, о.»

Торговала ракушкой её мать-старушка
И батюшка Молли, покойный Малоун
Тележку таскали повсюду, кричали:
«Ракушки и мидии свежие, о!»


Но злая горячка спалила гордячку
Ничто не спасло нашу Молли Малоун
Её привиденье я видел на Бэйле:
«Ракушки и мидии, свежие, о!»

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