23 сентября 2012 г.

This page is devoted to Ireland, a lovely unique place where history and present meet at every corner. The country possesses a lot of descriptive adjectives, but the general is 'green'. A green land of meadows, a green magic man Leprechaun, a green three-leaved shamrock to promise happiness. Even the waterfalls  and the grassy meadows reflected in them, seem green. The Irish are polite and open-hearted, with a peculiar sense of humour, they are fond of lively music, dancing, drinking ale. Irish coffee is traditionally served white in every pub, it is topped with three coffee seeds. The days are generally rainy, but the Irish believe, that after each rain there is a rainbow, and if you follow it to the end , you'll surely find a pot of fortune, which a kindly greeny man has hidden for a kind man to discover. And the Irish sheep are the prettiest creatures  in the world, so sweet and fluffy. 
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