27 марта 2013 г.

To, Dima Shestak, the present player of Kusbass voleyball regional team.
I am so sorry I couldn't come at the appointed time, but the presents are lovely, thanks a lot. the flag and the football were also in my hands, before they were gone to the school museum. 
Best luck in life and sports!

Dear friends, 10*formers in particular,
i'd like to introduce a new link here, which i quite accidentally came across the other day.
this is English Club Store, containing helpful  phrasals, quizzes, lexical and grammar drills.
I appeal to my "Olympic" students: Alina Yakovleva, Artyem Bratukhin and Anton Grushevitskiy to take my advice into consideration. this Internet page will keep you in time with contemporary English. so, go ahead!
Live and learn! Watch the pages 10* and We Sit Exam

26 марта 2013 г.

HELLO, FRIENDS! at the moment  a group of EF teachers are practising blogging, this is how we send a message and insert a picture or a video(which most of you enjoy, by the way)