2 марта 2013 г.

To, 5th formers!
there are three new presentations (  to the topic Health) for those who are ill or under the weather- just catch up with the group and get well soon!
love, N.A

hello friends,
since a new season has started, it's time we started a new rubric, eh?
i hereby welcome all the colleagues who take  courage to teach English and who come to our school regularly to exchange experience. so, this new page is for English teachers- let's call it TEACHING HINTS.
(the first episode is displayed already- we are sitting the state exams- there is some practical advice through Power Point Presentation) join us in this voyage and improve your navigation!

1 марта 2013 г.

Thanks God, it's Friday, and a very extraordinary one- winter has gone and spring is here!!!at least-so the calendar promises. Let it be a season of new hopes, dreams, projects and pleasant activities.
Take my seasonal greetings,
Lots of love, N.A. 

(P.S. here is a short article about spring in London. Read it and set off to enjoy a week in the British capital. Good riddance!)
Watch ducklings and chicks hatch, stroke baby bunnies, explore the forest and even camp in the open air as Spring arrives in the capital.
Kew Gardens
Kew Gardens boasts the biggest display of seasonal flowers in Britain. Enter through the grand Victoria Gate and you will be greeted by two million blue, white and mauve crocuses. A little later in Spring thousands of deep blue, starry Glory of the Snow flowers carpet the White Peaks.

24 февраля 2013 г.

dear friends, 
I'd like to share my new experience with you- I've recently discovered a new way to be more positive, more self-confident, self-respected, successful. i mean ALEX YANOVSKY SCHOOL 

Watch the posters, and if you like them, follow the educator via his web-site.