22 сентября 2015 г.

Hi, everybody and everyone!
here is the story of a spacesuit to be recorded.
and....for the 8th formers, there is a basic story about our city, just turn to the COUNTRY STUDY PAGE on this blog.
Thank U! Best wishes!

A spacesuit is really three suits worn at the same time. The inner suit is made of fabric woven of plastic tubes and nylon thread. Water pumped through these tubes cools the spacesuit.
The next layer is a pressure suit. This garment prevents the astronaut’s blood from boiling when there is no air pressure. Air inflates the suit like a balloon. Special joints help the astronaut move in this stiff suit.
The outer suit repels tiny bits of flying rock. These particles might damage the pressure suit. The outer suit also protects the astronaut during the extreme temperatures of lunar days and nights. 
Like a snail, an astronaut carries his or her home- in a spacesuit.