17 сентября 2013 г.

Dear friends, 
recently I've come across a very useful file in the Internet. It can teach you a lot, decide your doubts about confusing words, present grammar patterns logically and illustratively.
here is the logo 
  and the address:

for the incoming lexical material  watch your page 11* Intermediate.
Hope, you could value the dicovery.
love, N.A.

15 сентября 2013 г.

Hi, everybody,

I'd like to share some pics taken in our class on Tuesday, 10. it was a lovely talk about the universal language of music, accompanied by a  guitar  performance (Masha Gorefulina kindly played three musical pieces to prove the diversity of genres and opinions-please watch the pics and the video to value Masha's talent and grace)

Hello, everybody,
since we have entered a new academic year, the numbers of the grades consequently have changed- instead of  former 5* and 10* we are now 6* and 11* 
and.... (enter your own pages for the news)
Love, N.A.