12 сентября 2014 г.

dear friends

here is a shot from the  presentation SCHOOL RULES 

mind the cliches that can help you express the  ideas:

=a student must/should...
=it is not allowed school
=never...while at school
=come on time, do homework in time
=respect smb, keep the rules, obey the regulations

=...smoking is strictly prohibited (запрещено)
= chewing gum (жевательная резинка), MP3 player, mobile phone
=a record-book, an exercise book, a textbook (a student's book), 
=a cloak room (гардероб), change shoes (сменная обувь), 
=to organize the  working place, to look tidy, to behave one's age
=with the purpose to..., with the intention (с целью)

Good luck, see you on Monday and Tuesday (respectively)
Love, NA

10 сентября 2014 г.

welcome to our practical class- that's the way  we spoke about summer holidays- we exchanged impressions in pairs, learned to hear others talking- look, how it worked in form 7c- we not only practised English, but there was drama with smiling and illustration, too.  smart and diligent  students, indeed!