15 августа 2013 г.

Summer is over, having taken away its holidays, new impressions, sweet memories, expectations.Welcome back to school! let the coming academic year be the time of wonders, discoveries, studies. (Do you remember the line of the day? / Knowledge is something that is left in your head when the book is closed/

SEE YOU SOON! Enjoy the pre-school days and get prepared with your positive emotions!
Love, N.A. 

Here is a new project for everybody and all: choose the most impressive picture of your summer holidays, print it in bright colours, bring to school. 
     The only thing  to consider is the background in the picture- it should have a recognizable element- for us to guess the place, the country, the tradition. 
      The first to name all the places is sure to  get a teacher’s award. So, there are 17 pics in room 17.

Go ahead!