25 апреля 2014 г.

dear 6th formers,
don't miss the story on country-study on your page.
and there's some grammar hint how to keep word order ( using adverbs) -turn to page ADVICE FROM A CATERPILLAR

and for the 11th formers there is a new stuff 

24 апреля 2014 г.

dear friends, 
here is good news for you, two of our girls -Mary Gorefulina and Natalia Svekolkina have successfully participated in the OPEN PHONETIC CONTEST at the faculty of Romance and German Philology. it was held in order to pay tribute to the greatest poet and playwright WILLIAM SHALESPEARE. i saw it with my own eyes, i heard id with my own ears- i;m sure, Shakespeare couldn't have done better!!!

23 апреля 2014 г.

VOW! we've done it! the idea to represent the famous creations by W.Shakespeare seemed bold at first. but this day has proved that all doors are open to  willing hearts. we had our own THEATRICALS AT SCHOOL. our students recited sonnets, sang ballads, performed different parts.
it was a real reveil of talents. the spectators watched the greatest pages of Shakespeare's books  "alive". there were scenes from KING LEAR, MACBETH, ROMEO AND JULIET, TAMING OF THE SHREW. GREAT JOB! GOOD OF US!!
and we can't but mention the posters depicted on the walls- these are illustrations from  great Shakespeare, dedicated to the 450th anniversary of his birth-date.

21 апреля 2014 г.

dear friends,
 the great day is coming- the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's day of birth.
enjoy  the theatricals at noon (assembly hall),  watch the videos on the wide screen, spare a moment at the posters in the halls.
have a nice day on April,  23d!
lots of love, N.A.