26 ноября 2016 г.

Dear friends,
I am sending greetings and sharing cards for MOTHER"S DAY. Choose the one you think to be the best, you can even scan and print it. be sure to pronounce the words correctly.
lots of love to you and your moms!!!

22 ноября 2016 г.

Oh, my God!!! Thanksgiving is coming (Thursday, 24)!
Get prapared with your gratitude to be sent to.....and KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN to see what a great lot of positiveness
 and pleasure there's around us!

Here is the news: Last Saturday presented us with a nice chance to hear a foreign tutor and business inspector from LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND. Born in Egypt, he has risen to a European educated specialist with several languages at hand. our students got practical tips how to start a global career and learn management in different spheres. we also heard his view on different nationalities, Russians included. it was a lesson of practical experience and friendly communication. hope, everyone present enjoyed the meeting and the small talks in private.