24 сентября 2014 г.

dear friends,
since we are revising grammar energetically these days, here are some videos and pics to remind you of:
* irregular verbs (watch them dance and sing)-for the 10th and 7th formers),
** adjectives in pics (recognize the image of yours, if any in the picture) (page- 10 -11 Intermidiate on this blog) ,
*** nouns in singular and plural (7th formers section on this blog))
lots of love, N/A/

AND!!!!!! WATCH THIS!!!!

21 сентября 2014 г.

 dear friends and English learners, there is some novelty on the blog:

for the 7th formers there are 2 P.P.Presentations- Global English and Learning Foreign Languages;

 for the 10th formers-Shopping;

they appear here to support our academic studies.
Watch the right side corner= Pics & Presentations!!!! Make use of them,
lots of love, NA