10 мая 2014 г.

dear 11th formers,
the samples of some new essays are on page WE SIT EXAMS
and here are the pics to demonstrate our outdoors class- the one we had on a lovely spring day when the rooms were stuffy and the nature was welcoming.
so, we took parts of : a teacher, a guide, a pupil, a reporter, etc... we described the school surroundings, sports grounds including, the classes in biology and PE  that are held in hot weather,: we also discussed the social living conditions and the housing nearby.
we learned more how to describe the weather and human activities in Present Progressive and Perfect grammar  forms.

4 мая 2014 г.

dear 11th formers, turn to the page WE SIT EXAMS -there are samples how to write essays on different topics and situations

and....for everybody there's something peculiar on the page ADVICE FROM A CATERPILLAR

best of luck,