18 сентября 2015 г.

Dear friends,
here is the promised story for reading aloud. please, mind the rising tone when you read a series of close words, the falling tone in the end of the logical phrase or a sentence. here are some regular verbs with the suffix "-ed". be accurate!
Best wishes, NA

´По­лез­но вна­ча­ле про­чи­тать текст зада­ния про себя; вы­де­лить труд­ные для про­из­но­ше­ния слова; раз­ме­тить ин­то­на­цию; про­чи­тать текст ше­по­том, а потом вслух, об­ра­щая вни­ма­ние на слит­ность и бег­лость речи.

´Читая текст, из­бе­гай­те не­обос­но­ван­ных пауз в речи, верно рас­став­ляй­те уда­ре­ния и пра­виль­но ис­поль­зуй­те ин­то­на­цию, не на­ру­шай­те нормы про­из­но­ше­ния слов.

The day begins early  at the Zoo. At 5 A.M. even the birds are still asleep. But the  lights shine in the Bird House kitchen as a keeper starts his or her work. Many used feeding pans wait by the sink to be cleaned.Pans washed, the keeper starts to prepare the day’s food.  Apples, oranges, bananas, and kale wait for chopping. Cans of sweet potatoes and fruit are opened. Meat and fish are set out to defrost. By this time, birds are beginning to wake up. The keeper goes on with his  or her work as the sounds of the birds grow louder and louder.The keeper has to chop some apples into small pieces. Other apples are minced. Kale goes through the mincing machine. It comes out like ground parsley. Fish and meat are sliced.