26 марта 2017 г.

ДЛЯ 9ых классов- темы на устный экзамен- на страничке  

and here's the news from London as native residents see it:
                                       Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday, 26 March 2017

 Londoners told terror wannabes that they will never even scrape the top five of things that plague their tired, jumbled minds on a daily basis.

32-year-old accounts assistant Tom Booker said: “I already have nightmares on a rotating basis about my barely-affordable rent, work-related exhaustion, meeting a partner who isn’t weird, growing older in a lonely city and a lingering stomach ache that I reckon is an ulcer.

“If terrorists think they can make me more scared than I already am, good luck with that. As far as nagging daily anxieties go, I’m afraid they’ll have to take a number and join the back of the queue.”

Brixton-based Mary Fisher said: “I live in a garden shed with two 45-year-old computer programmers and today I did a three-bus commute to Oxford Circus, then paid £12 for a chicken sandwich in some vaguely fancy bread.

“I deal with London bullshit every single day. I am undefeatable.”

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