21 ноября 2012 г.

Hello everyone,
Do you remember that the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day?... Even if you are not good at numbers, you can’t miss the date which is right to arrive TOMORROW!
So, a very happy Thanksgiving to you all! 
Let the sun shine brighter and the wind blow at your back, 
let it be the day of family reunion, open-heartedness, gratitude and pleasure

 mixed with the family comfort.
 Many thanks to all my students, former and present
 for sharing  these  academic years and love to English 
(the truly global language of the world)
Let love enter your hearts and good spirit realm, 
let  every moment be filled with a cherished thing to value and remember ever since.


P.S. the videos are on the corresponding pages of your grade, i.e. 5* and 10* .
Just watch, learn and enjoy!

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